Gettin’ My Nerd On, Bookish Style

There have been several steps to this self-publishing process that have been especially fun for me, and they also happen to the nerdiest parts of it, too. Go figure. 😉 There are certain childhood dreams that surround becoming a published author. One dream is to walk into my local book shop and get to seeContinue reading “Gettin’ My Nerd On, Bookish Style”

Childhood Dream Fulfilled

Ever since I signed the contract for my first book (well, ever since childhood – it just started to feel like a real possibility with the contract), I’ve been so excited to hold my book in my hands. My book. In book format. Like a real book. I thought that would have been Alice’s story,Continue reading “Childhood Dream Fulfilled”

Celebrate Good Times (Even During COVID)

A couple weeks ago, the U.S. passed 500K deaths from COVID-19. So many others have lost their jobs, their businesses, their homes. They’re struggling in ways they weren’t even a year ago. There is so much chaos and hate. It’s staggering. This last year has been nonstop. It’s been 363 days since I’ve been remoteContinue reading “Celebrate Good Times (Even During COVID)”

Things I’ve Learned on the Path to Publication

If there is anything that I’ve learned on this journey, it’s that there is no one set path to publication – though it can sure feel like there is a path and everyone is just keeping it hush hush. But there really is no chronological “to do” list that will guarantee publication – even ifContinue reading “Things I’ve Learned on the Path to Publication”