Wherever Would I Be: Locations and Research

The main location from this story is Lucy’s home in Cicero, IL, which is a suburb located on the west side of Chicago, IL. What we don’t learn in the story is that the house was Grandma Fran’s family home. Luca, her adopted child and Lucy’s adopted father, inherits the home from her. While todayContinue reading “Wherever Would I Be: Locations and Research”

What’s in a Name? Part Two

I thought I would do another “meaning of names” post about Wherever Would I Be, my second book. Names within the story have meaning – not just for me as a writer, but for the characters themselves. Lucy’s father, Luca, even shares this with her – and then she shares the story with her littleContinue reading “What’s in a Name? Part Two”

Gettin’ My Nerd On, Bookish Style

There have been several steps to this self-publishing process that have been especially fun for me, and they also happen to be the nerdiest parts of it, too. Go figure. 😉 There are certain childhood dreams that surround becoming a published author. One dream is to walk into my local book shop and get toContinue reading “Gettin’ My Nerd On, Bookish Style”

Childhood Dream Fulfilled

Ever since I signed the contract for my first book (well, ever since childhood – it just started to feel like a real possibility with the contract), I’ve been so excited to hold my book in my hands. My book. In book format. Like a real book. I thought that would have been Alice’s story,Continue reading “Childhood Dream Fulfilled”