She’s Real!

It’s a really strange feeling to be reading a book…and it’s my book…in book format. I wonder if this feeling ever goes away. I hope not.

This whole process has been such a learning experience. I should note that I’m a stubborn, independent person – and I love to learn. So if there is an option to do anything myself, I’m going to learn how (unless it involves putting myself in danger, of course). I should note that the fact my writing buddy did it all himself gave me an extra boost of confidence because, if need be, I could reach out to him for help (and I did).

I opted to go the Amazon route (I know, I know – trust me – if my local bookshop had this service, they would be my first choice), and I sat down with my finished manuscript open on one side of the screen and Amazon’s directions on the other half. I am a fairly tech savvy person, but even so, I feel like the directions were very clear and easy to follow – so if you’re considering this route but nervous about, give it a try. (My one complaint is that I followed their directions for embedding the fonts, and when I uploaded the file, it told me the fonts weren’t embedded. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

Receiving the printed proof was, of course, thrilling – to hold my book as a book in my own hands. But I’ll be honest that it didn’t feel…quite right. Originally, I opted for the 6×9 size, but once it was in my possession, it just felt big. A bit cumbersome. I spent some time holding and flipping through the books on my shelf, trying to figure out what felt ‘right’, and I settled on 5.25×8, refigured the doc, and sent out for another printed proof, which arrived this week. Bingo. I love it so much more. ❤

I’m not one to write in my books, but I figured this was the easiest way to proofread – so I picked up my red pen and got to work, wondering how long it would take to come across the first typo (because I have proofread this thing SO MANY times – both on screen and printed out). Well, it didn’t take long at all. There was a typo in the first word.

The. First. Word.

But, in my defense, I had played around with drop caps (before ultimately deciding not to use them), and in changing back to regular text, the ‘r’ in wrangling got deleted without my notice. (-‸ლ)

That’ll teach me to play with drop caps.

I have about eighty pages left to proof, then it will be time to input the edits into doc, upload, and order a final proof (just to make sure the formatting is right). Then, it’s go time. (Well, more like wait time – wait until the author copies come in that I can send out to my Kickstarter backers, and then more wait time until the launch date on June 6.)

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