Gettin’ My Nerd On, Bookish Style

There have been several steps to this self-publishing process that have been especially fun for me, and they also happen to be the nerdiest parts of it, too. Go figure. 😉 There are certain childhood dreams that surround becoming a published author. One dream is to walk into my local book shop and get toContinue reading “Gettin’ My Nerd On, Bookish Style”

Childhood Dream Fulfilled

Ever since I signed the contract for my first book (well, ever since childhood – it just started to feel like a real possibility with the contract), I’ve been so excited to hold my book in my hands. My book. In book format. Like a real book. I thought that would have been Alice’s story,Continue reading “Childhood Dream Fulfilled”

Wherever Would I Be: Excerpt

Lucy blinked. Then she blinked again, harder this time, certain that her eyes were playing a trick on her. But there he sat. The man, seated behind a worn, dark walnut writer’s desk with thin, hand-carved legs, wore a chocolate brown dress jacket with a high collar and small puffs on top of his shouldersContinue reading “Wherever Would I Be: Excerpt”