Things I’ve Learned on the Path to Publication

If there is anything that I’ve learned on this journey, it’s that there is no one set path to publication – though it can sure feel like there is a path and everyone is just keeping it hush hush. But there really is no chronological “to do” list that will guarantee publication – even ifContinue reading “Things I’ve Learned on the Path to Publication”

#RevPit 2021 Submission Window

For those who may be interested, #RevPit has released their 2021 Submission Window: April 10-11, 2021. I highly recommend participating if for no other reason than to just get your butt moving on writing that query letter and synopsis. You might also get some good feedback (my manuscript was not chosen, but I did getContinue reading “#RevPit 2021 Submission Window”

Positivity Passes

I’m part of an online writing community that is actually attached to an online fitness program I’m a part of. (Writer friends come into your life in the most unexpected of places, don’t they?) The admin for this group is also participating in #RevPit and offered the idea of a Positivity Pass to our groupContinue reading “Positivity Passes”

#RevPit Novel Aesthetic

One of the fun things about #RevPit are the mini games they play throughout the month. The one today is at the request of Jeni Chappelle, one of the editors – the novel aesthetic. This is simply a collage of pictures that represent your novel. It sounded like a fun exercise, and I am aContinue reading “#RevPit Novel Aesthetic”