Celebrating my Writing Buddy

I first met Ophelia O’Leary several years ago. She was smart and complex and a little bit sassy – not unlike her creator, Jack Lelko (who you all know as my writing buddy). I’ve had the chance to revisit her world a few times over the years – most recently when I set her publishedContinue reading “Celebrating my Writing Buddy”

More Adventures in Homeownership

Sometimes, life throws a tree at you. With the help of a wicked storm, of course. Other times, life throws a second tree at you with the help of…seemingly nothing. Last week, Friday, I woke up and, without my glasses, noticed something in my backyard – something with lots of leaves that wasn’t there yesterday.Continue reading “More Adventures in Homeownership”

“On today’s episode of Adventures in Homeownership…”

I’ve been a homeowner for a little under eight years. During that time, I’ve learned a lot about replacing sump pumps (and everything that goes with them). I’ve come downstairs and, half-asleep, stepped into a giant puddle in my kitchen and learned all about broken water lines leading to refrigerators. I’ve learned how to replaceContinue reading ““On today’s episode of Adventures in Homeownership…””

A Long Overdue Love Letter to Coffee

For the first three decades of my life, I couldn’t stand coffee. I didn’t like the taste. Couldn’t stand the smell. I have memories of my sister and me tagging along to the bowling alley where our mother participated in league. (She once bowled a perfect game. They gave her a mug and all relatedContinue reading “A Long Overdue Love Letter to Coffee”

Indigenous Peoples Day

I live on land that was at various times occupied by the Očhéthi Šakówiŋ, Hoocąk, Menominee, and the Niúachi (all names provided are their own – they are not anglicized here). There are records of the Menominee from 1831, a ratified treaty, granting the land noted in Cession 159 to the Menominee. In this document,Continue reading “Indigenous Peoples Day”