She’s on her way!

My intent for this blog post was to announce that I had packed up all the Kickstarter copies of Wherever Would I Be and sent her out into the world. However, despite some [sarcasm] really fun [/sarcasm] obstacles, I actually got her out earlier than anticipated. At the moment, all print copies are in the hands of the Kickstarter folks, and all links for eBooks have been sent out. I am still SO SO grateful for every single person who donated.

Some were hand delivered. Some books were shipped. Some took REALLY long detours (like a book that should have traveled a mere fifty miles NE from me that went all the way to Iowa and Minnesota before returning to Wisconsin and landing 50 miles SW of me… *scratches head in confusion*).

I continue to say what a learning experience this has been for me – and we’re not even done yet! Next, I get to figure out marketing…

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