Beta Reader Returns

It’s hard to know when we write something if others will like our work or connect to it. It can hurt if someone doesn’t because it feels personal – they don’t like my story, which in turn means they don’t like me. We are not always the hardiest of folks, we writers. So when myContinue reading “Beta Reader Returns”

Timeline for All Falling Things

August 17, 2018 – Alice and Stanley bump into each other on the street. May 24, 2019 – Alice unpacks her office box at the end of the novel. Along with using PowerPoint to track characters and locations and a few other things, I used an Excel calendar to track the time of the story.Continue reading “Timeline for All Falling Things”

The End. Sorta.

I am a bundle of emotions at the moment. I started Alice’s journey 753 days ago. And today, I got to type “The End.” 753+ days of thinking about and writing about and talking about these characters as though they were living breathing people. And just like that – “The End.” It feels physically anticlimacticContinue reading “The End. Sorta.”