A New Word

There are many odd things that a writer can learn when working on a story. In most cases, the learning is probably intentional – research for something specific that occurs in or relates to their plot or characters or setting.

In some instances, that odd thing is a word they’d never heard of before. Today, I learned one such word as I was editing a chapter. (When I sit down to start writing, I reread/edit the chapter or section that came before the scene or summary I am about to write – I find this helps me not only add in words or details that I hadn’t thought of during my last writing session, but it also helps get me into the right frame of mind for what I’m about to create.)

The word I learned today is ‘snigged.’ I stumbled across it as I was reading/editing, and my first thought was, “Why didn’t Word flag this?” My second was, “I wonder what it means – does it have anything to do with snigger?”

Well, reader, it does not have anything to do with ‘snigger’:

As my writing buddy, Jack, said, “That is a very specific word.”

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