A Story a Day: Month Seven

For this month, I chose to focus on Creative Nonfiction stories. As with the previous six months, I have no idea what these stories are about – the goal is simply to experience new writing. Feel free to read along!

  1. Writing Memoir and Writing for Therapy” by Tara DaPra
  2. Tell It Even More Slant” by Brenda Miller
  3. Tiny Truths” – from CNF, who “challenged writers to tell a story in a single tweet.”
  4. Introduction: On Staying at Home” by William Atkins
  5. The Steepest Places: In the Cordillera Central” by Ben Mauk
  6. Tala Zone” by Pascale Petit
  7. Confluences” by Kate Harris
  8. A Hunger” by Fran Lock
  9. The Sum of Life’s Troubles Makes a Whole Damn Dish” by Nuraliah Norasid
  10. A Series of Rooms Occupied by Ghislaine Maxwell” by Chris Dennis
  11. Confusion of Tongues” by Fernanda Melchor (Translated by Sophie Hughes)
  12. Tiki Girl” by Amanda Lee Koe
  13. The Safe Zone” from Small Bodies of Water by Nina Mingya Powles
  14. What’s in a Name?” by Victoria Princewill
  15. A Bleed of Blue” by Amy Key
  16. Bleak Midwinter” by Catherine Taylor
  17. Breast or Tooth” by Tishani Doshi
  18. On Mistaking Whales” by Bathsheba Demuth
  19. On Running” by Larissa Pham
  20. Mr Brown, Ms White and Ms Black” by Kei Miller
  21. Pipe Dream” by Joni Renee Whitworth
  22. The Geographical Cure” by JP Gritton
  23. Domestic Coffee” by Rachel Purdy
  24. The Coyote’s Dance” by Austin Gilkeson
  25. Of Floods and Ruination” by Amy Lee Scott
  26. F*ck ‘90s Nostalgia” by Vanessa Veselka
  27. Master Sauce” by Grace Hwang Lynch
  28. Her Tattoo is My Name & My Name is a Poem” by Amy Lam
  29. Punch Line” by Molly Tolsky (CW: suicide)
  30. This Truth About Chaos” by John Freeman
  31. Resident” by Elizabeth Miller-Reyes

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