Raspberry Cordial

This summer, I opted to reread the Anne of Green Gables series, partly because it’s been a while and partly because my WIP takes place in this world. I wanted a chance to re-immerse myself with this story and these people. I then plan to rewatch the CBC mini series – which is how IContinue reading “Raspberry Cordial”

Writing Slump

On the morning of Friday, March 5, I received All Falling Things back from my editor. I asked for a timeline since they didn’t offer a deadline, and the response was by the end of April if possible. I returned the manuscript March 18. [strained smile] Any moment I wasn’t working or sleeping, I wasContinue reading “Writing Slump”

In Today’s Research

In today’s research, I learned that L. M. Montgomery used her initials to mask her gender when she was trying to publish. I also learned that Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was on the list of books that inspired her to become a writer, eventually leading her to write the Anne of Green Gables series (theContinue reading “In Today’s Research”