More Adventures in Homeownership

Sometimes, life throws a tree at you. With the help of a wicked storm, of course. Other times, life throws a second tree at you with the help of…seemingly nothing. Last week, Friday, I woke up and, without my glasses, noticed something in my backyard – something with lots of leaves that wasn’t there yesterday. It had rained most of the night, was raining still – but a gentle rain. A good soaking rain (we got over an inch) without showy thunder or epic winds.

I figured a branch broken in the previous storm just finally wiggled itself loose, and I readied myself to drag the thing around to the front yard for the pickup crew to turn into woodchips.

But then I put on my glasses and got (what I thought) was the whole picture – and then it became that I would hopefully be able to drag it. So I got dressed and put on my boots and went to explore…

Folks, I will not be dragging the FULL TREE that has demolished a section of my fence (missing my shed by about a foot) and is taking up about a fifth of my backyard with it’s branches (I didn’t get the full view until I walked around to my neighbor’s side of the fence – pictured here; it’s their tree that fell). Most of the people in my life are already laughing over the likelihood of TWO trees even in a year – let alone the second one falling before the mess of the first is even fully cleaned up. I’m not laughing. Yet. You see – I love Mother Nature. And in return, she makes me sneezy and topples trees onto my things. This has become a rather expensive relationship.

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