Positivity Passes

I’m part of an online writing community that is actually attached to an online fitness program I’m a part of. (Writer friends come into your life in the most unexpected of places, don’t they?) The admin for this group is also participating in #RevPit and offered the idea of a Positivity Pass to our group (something some of #RevPit editors do for their top submissions even if they don’t choose them as the finalist). A Positivity Pass is just someone reading over your work and letting you know what they like about it/what they think you are doing well. It can feel good as a writer to hear what we are doing right. She is also offering a chance for the writer to indicate if they would like a critique on top of that pass (yes, please).

I jumped at the chance to participate – if for no other reason than to see what some other folks are writing about. 🙂 I do miss workshop.

One of my readers (each submission went to two people, and we each got two things to read in return. We did not necessarily get work from the people who were reading our own – if that makes sense) is Rebekah, the admin for the group. She has had kind things to say about my first ten pages, as well as offered some advice, which is always welcome!

On the flip side, I am working my way through (hoping to finish in a bit) her own submission – y’all, I never knew I NEEDED an introverted nerdy (and capable) princess story. If you need it, too – just know it’s coming!

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