Kickstarter: Day One

I’m not playing when I say that I went into this assuming that I’d have to “back” myself in order to make up the different to get to the initial minimum goal – so perhaps you can imagine my (genuine) shock when the project reach the minimum goal one minute shy of four hours from the launch… We still have twenty-nine and a half days to go.

Most of the backers are folks I know – and I appreciate each and every one of you who have pledged. It means so much that my friends want to be a part of this journey. (It also terrifies me to think about any of you actually reading the book. Hello, imposter syndrome, my old friend).

A couple of the pledges are from folks I don’t know, and it probably sounds strange, but it feels validating. Someone wants a copy of this story – and not only because they know me. (Not saying my friends don’t want to read the story, too…)

Legitimately just trying to wrap my head around this. Six hours in, and sitting at 124% backed. ❤

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