Kickin’ Off Kickstarter

Today is the day! My Kickstarter is live. Part of the process of creating the campaign is the “story” and rewards – I thought I’d share them here:


Hi. I’m Ami Maxine, a writer of quiet stories. I love to explore the way in which people form and maintain all kinds of relationships, which translates into a love of consuming and writing character-driven stories.

Image is the cover of my book - Wherever Would I Be. It is a drawing of a young woman in silhouette standing on a set of stairs and looking out into a busy city street.

Wherever Would I Be (new adult) is my second novel. I’m opting to self-publish partly for the experience, partly for the control over the project. My debut novel is being published with Scarsdale Publishing, and while I wait for edits, I’ve turned my attention to Lucy.

Image of a handdrawn girl reading a book while lying on the floor. The text reads as follows: When Lucy, now 17, was one, she was adopted into a loving family, eventually joined by four other adopted siblings. Unlike them, though, she doesn't know anything about her birth family. Oh, and she can see her dead ancestors.

This is a story about family and identity – about a young woman who loves the family she has, and who at the same time can’t help but wonder about the family she lost. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she stumbles upon an imprint (like a ghost – but not) of what turns out to be her long-ago dead ancestor. She makes the choice to follow this thread, and she is sent down a path that will lead her to everything she has ever wanted to know about her birth family – and some things she didn’t.


Well, if this sounds like a book you might like to read, then the answer is you will get the book a month before it launches. If you know me, and you were going to buy it anyway, again, you’ll get it early – but you’ll also get the warm fuzzies for helping me fund the most perfect cover this book could ever have. 🙂 Plus, if you opt to add them on, you can receive some Lucy swag that won’t be available anywhere else.


I’ve been following Pascal Campion on Instagram ever since my writing buddy, Jack, first brought him to my attention in 2015. I love his style – the way he creates layers and uses light (which is, coincidentally, a theme in this story). And one day, he posted an image that made me think – that’s Lucy! After spending a long time assuming I’d never in a million years be able to use said image as a cover (including attempts of trying to contact Campion through Instagram), my writing group convinced me to try and find an alternate route of contact…and here we are. I encourage you to check out his work.


WWIB Digital – $10USD

For this level, you’ll receive an eBook version of Wherever Would I Be (formats available: TBD (pdf, ePub, or Kindle-friendly .mobi)).

*Add ons include ‘name a character in my next book’ ($25) – see below for more information

WWIB Signed Paperback – $20USD

For this level, you’ll receive a personalized/signed paperback copy of Wherever Would I Be shipped through USPS (to U.S. only, currently – if you are elsewhere and interested in this level, please contact me for shipping cost – but just a heads up, prices start at thirty bucks just to ship to my neighbors to the north – hi, Canada!).

You can also opt to add a second signed copy for an additional $15. Get one for you – and one for a friend.

*U.S. shipping adds $5USD

*Add ons include set of three bookmarks ($5), WWIB Journal ($10), second signed copy of WWIB ($15), Name a character in my next book ($25) – see below for more information

WWIB Bookclub eBook Bundle – $50USD

For this level, you’ll receive six codes for the eBook version of Wherever Would I Be (formats available: TBD (pdf, ePub, or Kindle-friendly .mobi)).

*Add ons include ‘name a character in my next book’ ($25) – see below for more information


WWIB Bookmarks – $5USD

A set of three bookmark images. On the left, there is a hand drawn young woman with red hair - she is laying on her back and reading with the title of the book and my name above her. The middle is a section of the cover showing the silhouetted young woman with the title and my name along the bottom. The one on the right has a tall stack of books. The same hand drawn red haired young woman is sitting on the stack of books and reading.

Limited Edition WWIB Journal – $10USD

Limited edition WWIB journal exclusive to this Kickstarter campaign (blank inside, 5.5×8.5, Metal spiral bound, 80 lined pages). (Unless we reach the second stretch goal, only ten of these will be available.)

Journal Cover
Inside of Journal

One for a Friend – $15USD

You can also opt to add a second signed copy of WWIB for an additional $15. Get one for you – and one for a friend.

Have a Character Named After You in my Next Book – $25USD

I’m currently working on a murder mystery novel (in the research stage). Add this on to your donation, and I will name one of the characters after you (and I will consult with you about it).


$500 – Set of Three Bookmarks

My goal for this project is to cover half of the fee to license the cover art. If we keep going and reach this goal, bookmarks all around! (If you included bookmarks as an add-on, you’ll get an extra set. Digital purchases within the U.S. will receive a set via USPS; digital purchases outside of the U.S. will receive a printable PDF.)

$750 – Cap will be removed from number of journals available

$1000 – 👀 Revealed if we reach $750

About Ami Maxine

Image is a cartoonized version of myself - it's a woman with a blonde ponytail, a maroon shirt, and black-rimmed glasses.

I’m Ami Maxine. I’ve spent my entire life moving back and forth across the WI/IL border, though I currently reside in Green Bay, WI. I writes stories under the genres of Women’s Fiction, low Science Fiction/Fantasy, and Murder Mystery. I am on a quest to find the best chocolate, the best chai, and the best whiskey. You can find me here:

Image shows my twitter/instagram handle, which is @ByAmiMaxine, as well as my URL, which is

Risks and challenges

Generally speaking, this should be a low-risk project. The book is finished. The only risks at this point would involve supply chain.

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