Cover Reveal: Wherever Would I Be

Back in July, I wrote a post about a book cover design rabbit hole I fell down in Canva. I mentioned an image by artist Pascal Campion that I really loved – one that I wished I could have as the cover of my book because it fit – the two figures (in the case of the story, sister and brother) and the fireflies. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. A few months after stumbling across this image, I found a second image of his that I also really loved – this one with a silhouette of a young girl backlit by a big city. I couldn’t help but think – that’s Lucy standing there!

Full disclosure, prior to this Canva rabbit hole, I had reached out a couple times (the last time was in April 2022) via Instagram to see if he was even open to the idea of an image of his being used as a book cover. No answer. I left it at that for a bit because I figured he’d seen the messages and just didn’t want to respond. Which is fair. I’m sure he gets plenty of questions like that in his inbox.

In June, I was encouraged by my writing group to find another route to contact him – perhaps he just didn’t look at his Instagram messages. I don’t even remember how I found that alternative route – but I did. I wrote, and I did get a response from his associate that both images were available for licensing along with the price. Ok – he absolutely deserves the price mentioned, but my initial response was – there’s no way I can pull that off. (Well, I could – it was more whether or not I “should”.)

Thus my canva rabbit hole.

But nothing I came up with left me feeling the way those two images did. I had to find a way. (More on that in an upcoming post.) Then…I had to make a decision. I played around with both images to see what a cover might look like, and ultimately, I decided on the second image. (The deciding factor was that the first felt a bit too young for the story. I still love it so very much, though. So so much.)

Today, I’m really excited to reveal the cover of my second novel with artwork by Pascal Campion:

Cover of my second novel - a silhouette of a young woman standing on stairs and looking out into a bit city. The title and my name are in red text: Wherever Would I Be by Ami Maxine Irmen.
Artwork by Pascal Campion
Image on Instagram
Image on Blogspot

I can’t wait for her to be sitting on my shelf. ❤

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