Good Storytelling

It’s the Thanksgiving holiday, which means that I get a nice long weekend to…well, catch up on work. But also! Binge-watch (for the fourth…or fifth time?) what quickly became one of my most favorite shows: Ted Lasso.

I’m very much a character-driven storyteller and story consumer, so when everyone started talking about this show (a show about soccer), I ignored much of what they had to say. I’m not even sure what made me finally sit down and give it a shot – but I am so very glad that I did. This story, which, yes, is about soccer (I know, I know – football), is about so much more than that. This is by far the biggest storytelling head fake (a term I borrow from the late Rancy Pausch) I’ve ever experienced.

Between trainings and matches and jokes about how terrible Ted finds tea to be, we get to witness some really lovely character arcs for a number of these people. Some who discover who they really are. Other who reveal their true selves bit by bit – but somehow are always portrayed just as they have always been (with these new discoveries having us chime in with a “but of course!”). Some tackle mental health. Others try and figure out who they are when the one thing they’ve always identified as has been taken away. There are genuinely lovely friendships formed. And, yes, jokes.

I highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t yet (though I’ll give all kinds of advance warnings in case the f-word is a trigger for you).

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