Social Media

I think the fact that I’m still typing away in blog format tells you all you need to know about my age and feelings on all of these new social media apps. I remember when TikTok first came around, and I said no – for the first time. Partly, I was too tired to deal with yet another social platform. But also – I’m an introvert who posts photos of her cats and niblings and books she’s read – never herself. So videos? No, thank you.

With the recent unrest over at the birdie app, though, I’ve opted to go about and claim my username on a few other platforms (including TikTok…) so that I can make sure everything continues to match. In one instance (looking at you Mastodon), it was such a struggle just to sign up that I almost threw in the towel completely. CounterSocial? Hive? I’m sure dozens of others still out there…? It’s all too much, isn’t it?

Especially when I get irrationally irritated by the ones that don’t have any web-based options, purely apps. I’m officially old. If the blog didn’t tip you off, the want of a full keyboard and a large screen surely should. (*shakes fist in ‘get off my lawn’*)

So why do it? Why bother? Because I’ve come to really enjoy the writing community on Twitter, and I want to make sure I can join them if the birdie officials flees the nest. How are you all doing with these new social media apps? If you want to come find me, I’m @ByAmiMaxine (on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, CounterSocial, and Hive) (with the addition of for Mastodon). Goodness…ten years ago, most of that last sentence would be complete gibberish…

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