Another Beta Reader Returns

Originally, when Ann and Amy were done reading through my WIP, I intended to take them for a nice dinner as a thank you. COVID has, of course, changed that plan. I felt bad that Amy opted to mail me my manuscript back (she lives in IL) because I figured it would be expensive – but I was also thrilled with the chance to read her thoughts.

Soon as it arrived, I tore open the package and plopped down to read through each page. She had typed some overall comments that will be supremely helpful, as well as wrote notes and marked errors. When I got to this one, I couldn’t help but smile. It is important, after all, to get the right beta readers – folks you can trust to be honest with you, even if it means being critical, but also folks who can make sure the story you are telling is an authentic one. Right down to the relish.

This means another go through the manuscript. 🙂

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