Agent Searches

In a Twitter Q&A with an author I follow, there was a question about how to find agents. This is the million dollar question, is it not? They are the gate keepers between finishing a book and landing a deal with a major publisher. The author provided two resources, both of which will let you search a list of agents based on the genre of your book/their interests: and Manuscript Wish List (MSWL also has an editor search). Be sure to pay attention to the agent’s preferences (sending them something outside of their genre lists will mean not being read), word count (for the same reason), and if they are open to queries. I highly recommend tracking who you send your submissions to so that 1) you don’t query more than one agent at the same agency at the same time, and 2) can track when you sent them so you know when the “if you don’t hear from me in six to eight weeks, assume I’m not interested” has expired.

Then brace yourself. Rejections can be hard, but they are inevitable.

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