What’s in a Name? (Author Edition)

I still remember the first time I saw my name in print. The experience was exhilarating. In a “right place, right time” scenario, I had learned that the county paper was looking for someone to write the weekly column of my town’s news (the previous person having just retired). I was a freshman in highContinue reading “What’s in a Name? (Author Edition)”

Tracking: Multiple Projects

Probably the most difficult thing I’ve found to track/wrap my head around is tracking multiple projects. This is new to me. In grad school, when I was writing multiple short stories all at once while working on my thesis, there still wasn’t all that much to track (mostly because there was one destination for theseContinue reading “Tracking: Multiple Projects”

Tracking: Plot

I remember early on in my learning about writing stories being taught Freytag’s pyramid: introduction/exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, denouement. At the time, the simple structure made sense and worked just fine with the types of short stories I was writing at the time. As my instruction went on, as my stories became moreContinue reading “Tracking: Plot”

Tracking: Characters

I’m part of a really stellar online, global writing community. I found them, actually, through a workout program, and they were such an unexpected bonus who have become super important in my writer world. We have a private Facebook group where people can ask questions and share resources, and I’ve found questions about a specificContinue reading “Tracking: Characters”

#10Queries and #DVPit Updates

Alas, no bites for #DVPit – which might just be the universe reminding me that I don’t need to be adding anything to my already packed to do list. I shall focus on surviving the semester and perhaps starting to query one of the manuscripts over winter break. As for #10Queries – I had heardContinue reading “#10Queries and #DVPit Updates”