Kickstarter: Halfway!

Can I start by saying that I’m shocked how many folks have taken me up on naming a character after them in my murder mystery? 🤣 So many friends totally ok with me offing them on paper…

If that wasn’t shocking enough – the project is currently sitting at 546% funded. I had dinner with a friend this week who told me that I set the original goal too low – but I honestly set it where I felt it would be most manageable – where if I didn’t reach it, I could back the difference myself (if you’re unfamiliar with Kickstarter, if the project doesn’t reach its goal, then you don’t get any of the money pledged – it’s all or nothing). If you had told me we’d be at this level by the end, let alone halfway through, I probably would have called you a liar. Yet here we are. I keep saying over and over how overwhelmed I am by this support – and I’m being 100% genuine in saying this.

We still have two weeks to go. While the project continues, I’ve been working on finishing up edits, typesetting, and putting the finishing touches on the cover. Soon, I will get to upload and order a printed proof. In a short while, I’ll be holding a bound copy – and I cannot wait! One more read through, and Lucy should be ready for the world. 😊

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