Taking a Chance – Kickstarter

When I made the decision to pursue using Pascal Campion’s image for my book cover, a friend floated the idea of doing a Kickstarter to help raise some of the funds for the licensing fee. I wasn’t sure how that would work (and I also didn’t know just how many folks go this route – there are so many cool projects on there!), but I sat with the idea – and instead came up with a pre-order of sorts. Specifically, a pre-order that would give early access to the book and perhaps some Lucy swag.

Which leads me to announce that I am indeed going to take a chance with Kickstarter and see what might come of it. My goal is set to raise enough (via royalties) for half of the licensing fee (though I have some stretch goals, too). The Kickstarter launches in two weeks and will run for thirty days. My goal is to launch the book in June 2023, so those that “pre-order” through this endeavor will receive the book in May 2023.

Some of the add ons include bookmarks and a journal that are exclusive to this campaign, as well as a chance to have a character named after you in my next WIP (a murder mystery). I’m a bit nervous about this – but I am remaining hopeful. I feel like this could be a really fun experience.

While it’s two weeks until the project launches, you can view it by clicking the image below:

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