Shop Small

Let me preface this post by saying that I fully understand that not everyone has the time and/or the means to do so – but this is my plea post about shopping small – if you can.

I’m a big proponent of shopping local whenever I can, partly because I like to know my money is helping the people in front of me rather than being divided up into pieces, most of which will sit in a bank account of the corporate owners rather than circulating within the community.

With the holidays coming up, I would encourage you to check into the local shops in your own communities. I’ve listed some of my favorites on the Shop Small tab on the toolbar above. If you are looking for handmade art, I highly recommend checking out work by Ashley Megal, NinjaGrl, the Wondermakers, and the 35:35 Makers Collective. If you are shopping for a book lover, but you don’t have a local bookshop, check out

In the comments, please share your favorite local shop (including their website if you can!).

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