Another Cave Point Post

Back in March, I wrote about a wintery trip my friend, Jen, and I took to Cave Point. We’ve since bookended our summer with another trek to our favorite spot on Earth. It’s hard to believe summer, defined here as the time period between the end of one academic year and the start of another, is over. But here I am, four weeks into the new year (five if you count in-service). And I’m still trying to figure out what happened to summer.

Well, I do know, of course. I taught this summer. I took care of the house (really looking forward to being able to put that mower away for the winter…). I took care of my cat, who started on meds, who injured her leg, who has been switched to a new diet so that I don’t have to force her to take a pill twice a day. I created material for a new course I’m now four weeks into teaching. I dealt with not one, but two trees falling on my things. I mean – who saw that coming? Not this girl.

And I wrote (a bit). I didn’t quite make my goals of words in my WIP or with reading (I still have two Anne of Green Gables books left). But summer threw a lot my way, so I’m ok with where things are. Goals are made to motivate us. And they can be revised.

Taking the day to head up north and traipse around with my friend was just what my little soul needed. I always feel refreshed after – the fresh air, the heart to heart chats, the sound of the water crashing into the cliffs. There is not a time of the year that I don’t love this place – and every time we go, not matter the weather, we say the same thing – what a perfect day to be here.

And it was a perfect day. The bright sky – the shade from the trees. The water level was low enough that we could still safely climb around – but the wind was moving enough that we still got some epic splashes. I already can’t wait to get back. Maybe once the colors change. 🙂

I don’t think I will ever take a more perfect splash photo. (That’s my friend, Jen.)

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