“On today’s episode of Adventures in Homeownership…”

I’ve been a homeowner for a little under eight years. During that time, I’ve learned a lot about replacing sump pumps (and everything that goes with them). I’ve come downstairs and, half-asleep, stepped into a giant puddle in my kitchen and learned all about broken water lines leading to refrigerators. I’ve learned how to replace things like a garbage disposal and a kitchen sink faucet – and how to improvise some fairly impressive strings of curse words in the process.

This week in homeownership, I’m learning the intricacies of making an insurance claim regarding a tree that had a bad night and is requiring the assistance of my house to hold it upright. We had a rather wicked storm rip through our entire state on Wednesday night (multiple tornados touched down; straight-line winds up to 80 mph). I thought I managed to get through unscathed – went to bed with my power still on, and from what I could see, there were only branches down in my yard.

Just my house lending a helping hand. Or…roof.

Cut to waking up at 3:30 a.m. to discover my power had indeed gone out. And then, once the sun came up, I discovered that poor tree. I feel incredibly fortunate that I am ok and that all of my people are accounted for and safe (though really wishing I hadn’t had that grocery pickup Wednesday morning…).

I’d also be ok going a few months without learning anything new in the realm of homeownership…

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