A Story a Day: Month Four

For this month, I wanted to read stories specifically by disabled writers. I found the stories below by searching for literary journals that accepted only stories from such authors. As with the previous three months, I have no idea what these stories are about – the goal is simply to experience new writing. Feel free to read along!

  1. Deforestation and Other Side Effects” by Tiffany Promise
  2.  “anatomy of a burning thing” by Monica Robinson
  3.  “The Year of Internal Optimism” by Laur A. Freymiller
  4.  “Snowfall Sarcophagus” by AJ Cunder
  5.  “Storytelling” by Jack Croxall
  6.  “Recycle” by Joyce W. Bergman
  7.  “Living with Peggy Sue” by Jay Merriman
  8.  “Be Still” by Chris Pellizzari
  9.  “Skinned” by Keletso Mopai
  10.  “Proud” by Marc Littman
  11.  “Blind by Fate” by Connor Sassmannshausen
  12.  “About the Decorations” by Cade Leebron
  13.  “Thirst” by Cosi Nayovitz
  14.  “A Borderline’s Survival Kit” by Elizabeth Ruth Deyro
  15.  “Molting” by Jesse Rice-Evans
  16.  “The Glitter Factory” (or, she had always suffered from someone else’s prophecy)” by Kara Dorris
  17.  “Through History, Changeling” by L.C. Elliot
  18.  “New Jersey Devil Vignettes I-V” by L.R. Bird
  19.  “Subject” by Megan Nicole R. Wildhood
  20.  “After Sodom Burned (Or, From the Prehistory of X-Ray Astronomy)” by Vittoria Lion
  21.  “Laati” by Abrona Lee Pandi Aden
  22.  “Second Story Window” by Shannon Cassidy
  23.  “Everyone Says I Miss You” Shannon O’Connor
  24.  “A First Date” by Bill Tope
  25.  “A Christmas Tale for the Disenchanted” by Mack Blickley Part 1 & Part 2
  26.  “Death of the Author” by Shahd Alshammari
  27.  “Weary Dreams” by A. C. Riffer
  28.  “The Potter’s Notch Predicament” by Ed N. White
  29.  “Toby’s Garden” by Ana Vidosavljevic
  30.  “Little Ninjas” by Suzanna Kamata

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