Big Day

I generally only post on Fridays, but today was a good day – and in a time where those can feel rare, I thought I’d break my schedule for these moments.

The first big moment came this morning when I sat down to read my story – today marks day 90 of my #365Stories #AStoryADay challenge. 90 Days. 90 Stories. 504,647 words. This has been such a fun challenge for so many reasons – but my favorite is just the experience of these stories that I wouldn’t have otherwise come in contact with. (My favorite story thus far is “Paper Menagerie” by Ken Liu – I highly recommend checking it out.) Nine more months full of new adventures await!

The other big moment came when I arrived home and checked my mail – and found the printed proof of the Kenya project, Voices of Jane Adeny Memorial School, waiting for me! This project started a decade ago when I was taking some classes for fun at the nearby university. I never expected this academic endeavor would have landed me in Kenya. I never could have anticipated the bumps in the road to getting this put together and published. But here we are – a GIANT step closer. My weekend will, amongst work-related things, be spent reading over this and trying to find any issues with formatting and any remaining typos (with the understanding and humility to realize there will likely remain a typo or two no matter how many times I read through this). Just feeling so many feelings now that I’m finally holding this.

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