Looking for Lucy

I’ve got a working title for my work in progress! *pops champaign*

Titles are hard (as I’ve written about before). I don’t know why – but they are. I find that if I don’t have the title first, if the story doesn’t evolved from a pre-picked title, it gets incredibly hard the longer into the piece I go to find the title. I always love when a title appears somewhere in the story, so I’ve looked through to try and find something – but to no avail.

But last night I decided – I was coming up with a title – come hell or high water. I played with words, with themes, with the script of While You Were Sleeping. (It’s my favorite romcom of all time – and Lucy is, of course, named for the title character. The movie also makes an appearance as Shelly’s favorite movie, and they spend time at the train station where chunks of the movie had been filmed.)

The two others I’m rolling around with are Someday We Will and Wherever Would I Be, both bits of the script.

It was a bit of surprise with All Falling Things to discover that the publisher has the last say on the title. Rationally, I understand this. But I can’t imagine thinking of that book any other way.

I guess only time will tell is Looking for Lucy will stick. Maybe someday I’ll look back and not be able to see this book any other way.

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