Lucy – Casting

I officially have two WIPs. One is a YA fantasy I actually started in 2015, before I even began Alice. But I never got more than a few pages into it. Recently, I did sit and write out the plot arc, though, so there has been some progress.

But I also had another character/story idea that I’ve been thinking about for a bit. Tonight, I started her story. Her name is Lucy.

This is Sophie Skelton, an actress I first encountered watching Outlander, which is fitting as there will be an aspect of historical fiction to this novel. I want her to have the style of the picture on the left but the hairstyle on the right. She is the main character.

This is Mom (Donna, played by Miriam Giovanelli) and Dad (Luca, played by Raoul Bova). They are the adoptive parents of Lucy and her other adopted siblings. Though Lucy is the first to be adopted into the family, one of her brothers is actually older than her (who I have modeled after Dulé Hill).

This is Allison Janney, of course. I have loved her work ever since she was C.J. Cregg on The West Wing. I mean, she’s an incredible actress with such a range. In this story, she is Lea, Lucy’s boss at the Chicago Public Library. She’s smart and accomplished and not afraid to pursue her dreams. She’s also Lucy’s (not legally) adopted fun aunt.

Leabharlann (which I’ve stretched into Lea B. Harlann) is the Gaelic word for library.

*all photos borrowed from IMDb.

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