Voices of JAMS Timeline

Today, Voices of Jane Adeny Memorial Schools is sitting on my bookshelf – something that started almost a decade ago when Teresa Wasonga and Andrew Otieno came to speak to in a course I was taking at the time (I was getting a couple graduate certificates for the fun of it because I had missedContinue reading “Voices of JAMS Timeline”

JAMS Afterword

Below is the Afterword for Voices of Jane Adeny Memorial School: All proceeds from this book go straight into the scholarship fund to help other students acquire an education at Jane Adeny Memorial School for Girls. Each girl within these pages gave permission for their story to be included – excited about the chance toContinue reading “JAMS Afterword”

JAMS Foreword

Below is the foreword from Voice of Jane Adeny Memorial School for Girls: Set into a lush green hillside of Muhoroni, Kenya (near Fort Ternan), is the Jane Adeny Memorial School for Girls (JAMS), founded by Teresa Wasonga and Andrew Otieno. The school is named for Teresa’s mother who identified the ten acres on whichContinue reading “JAMS Foreword”

My Time at JAMS

The moment the wheels of the plane lifted off the runway, my nerves finally settled down. I’ve come to realize that in moments like this, I let go of being nervous because the trip is officially out of my hands. I made it to the airport, got through security, got onto the right plane, andContinue reading “My Time at JAMS”