Cataloging Your Books

Maybe you’re like me – you’ve got a healthy set of bookshelves back home, and you’ve got a TBR list longer than you can ever manage to complete in your lifetime. And it Just. Keeps. Growing. Maybe you’ve strolled through a bookshop, found a book you wanted to buy, but then thought…wait, do I already own this? (Yes, this has been me on more than one occasion.)

Image: Unsplash, Darwin Vegher

There are a lot of ways that technology has made us all a bit more lazy than we need to be. But then there are instances like this that can help us from buying a book – only to get home to shelf it and find its duplicate already sitting there. If you don’t already have an app for cataloging your shelves at home, I highly recommend checking out the link below and finding the best option for cataloging your shelves at home (some of these even have trackers for lending books):

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