I once had the extreme privilege of co-directing a study abroad to Costa Rica in 2015 (I had to look up the date, and my jaw fell at the realization this trip was that long ago!). I had always wanted to do a study abroad, but I didn’t have the money or the time in my undergrad schedule to do it. So when my colleague recommended I apply for the open position, I jumped at it. – and I am so very glad I did. My time in Costa Rica was so lovely. The people were so kind. The food (and fresh fruit juice) was beyond delicious. The students I was helping to oversee aided in some really important growth for myself. (I say that with a chuckle.)

And the country was ridiculously beautiful.

Costa Rica is where I learned to love coffee after thirty-two years of despising it. (Apparently, I just don’t like crappy coffee.)

Costa Rica is where I had the most delicious handful of chocolate that I ever had in my entire life.

And Costa Rica is where I held a hummingbird for the first time.

As a kid, I believed the myth that these birds never stopped moving unless they were sleeping. But then I saw one land on the hand of a young gentleman nearby – and I had to give it try. Sure enough, this little birdie took the opportunity to rest its wings while eating – which was also the moment I learned about the hummingbirds’ incredibly long little tongues.

One of the students saw me do this and came over to the feeder wanting to give it a try. She held her hand up, as still as could be, and when one of the hummingbirds landed on her, she exclaimed, “I’m a Disney Princess!”

Recently, a friend of mine shared this video on Facebook, which got me reminiscing. These are such interesting little creatures – and these shots of them are spectacular. I recommend checking out this video from National Geographic Magazine:

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