A Story a Day: Month Ten

For this month, I chose at random stories by LGBT+ writers in honor of October being LGBT History Month. I found them through google searches looking first for LGBT+ writers, then for LGBT+ specific literary journals. As with the previous nine months, I have no idea what these stories are about – the goal is simply to experience new writing. Feel free to read along!

  1. The Last Performance of the High Priestess of the Temple of Horror” by Carmen Maria Machado
  2. Judy in Her Good Robe” by T Kira Mahealani Madden
  3. Five Wounds” by K-Ming Chang
  4. Wise Ale” by SJ Sindu
  5. Ground Fighting” by Venita Blackburn
  6. I’ve opted to delete today’s story because after reading it, it’s definitely not something I feel comfortable endorsing.
  7. The World Well Lost” by Theodore Sturgeon
  8. I am a homosexual, mum” by Binyavanga Wainaina
  9. My Fellow Passerine” by Jay Wayne
  10. The Problem Is” by Dena Linn is
  11. The Heart Specialist” by Shuvayon Mukherjee
  12. Guava” by Kaiomi Inniss
  13. Our Father” by J.C. Lovero
  14. The Secret Stirrings of Pelago Bay” by Kim Kelly Stamp
  15. World Got Smaller” by Yves
  16. Dysphoria’s Love Letter” by Parker Adams
  17. The Door on the Left” by Ari Masters
  18. Bigger Than the Light” by A.Dot Ram
  19. Temper Me to Pieces” by Hale
  20. (De) Composition” by Kit Lascher
  21. The Fox” by Bishop V. Navarro
  22. Ratmilk” by Never Angeline North
  23. Your Childhood Best Friend Gets Her Hands on Some Questionable Dope” by Jasmine Sawers
  24. Dear Reader” by Min Staussman
  25. SINGLE CAPRICORN” by Abigail Swoboda
  26. good boy” by travis tate
  27. some stories never #lyft you up” by Addie Tsai
  28. One Story” by Beasa Akuba Dukes
  29. cool air” by Edward Wells
  30. Six-Month Skid” by C.A. Munn
  31. Screen Time Up 16% This Week” by Charlotte A. Paige

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