A Story a Day: Month Nine

For this month, I chose (kind of) at random stories from Granta (I ended up needing to purchase a subscription to finish reading Month Three, so thought I’d use them again), the literary quarterly from Cambridge University. I say ‘kind of’ because I scrolled through their list and chose any story that I came across – but skipped over the excerpts* because I wanted stand-alone stories. As with the previous eight months, I have no idea what these stories are about – the goal is simply to experience new writing. Feel free to read along!

  1.  “Thomas” by Eloghosa Osunde
  2.  “You Must, You Will” by Ben Hinshaw
  3.  “The Wonders” by Elena Medel (Translated by Lizzie Davis & Thomas Bunstead)
  4.  “Junket” by Lauren Groff
  5.  “E-Friends” by Emily Adrian
  6.  “Acts of Desperation” by Megan Nolan
  7.  “Pure Colour” by Sheila Heti
  8.  “Overture” by Janice Galloway
  9.  “The Physician” by Nathan Harris
  10.  “The Emperor Concerto” by Julie Hecht
  11.  “An Olive Grove in Ends” by Moses McKenzie
  12.  “The Picnic Pavilion” by Debbie Urbanski
  13.  “a cold white wing” by Kate Zambreno
  14.  “Tender” by Ariana Harwicz (Translated by Annie McDermott & Carolina Orloff)
  15.  “Cold Enough for Snow” by Jessica Au
  16.  “Here Again Now” by Okechukwu Nzelu
  17.  “When We Were Birds” by Ayanna Lloyd Banwo
  18.  “Here Comes the Miracle” by Anna Beecher
  19.  “The Colony” by Audrey Magee
  20.  “In a Jar” by Morgan Talty
  21.  “Nights at the Hotel Splendido” by Sam Munson
  22.  “The Infinite” by Room Claudia Durastanti (Translated by Elizabeth Harris)
  23.  “Pose” by Ana Kinsella
  24.  “Shining the Boot” by Sarah Bernstein
  25.  “The Schoolmaster’s Enemy” by Missouri Williams
  26.  “Snakebite” by Saba Sams
  27.  “How to Be a Revolutionary” by CA Davids
  28.  “The Blake Fellowship” by Timothy Ogene
  29.  “Naomi” by Sarah Hall
  30.  “Variations” by Tao Lin

*Well, I meant to skip the excerpts, but as I’m reading through this list, there are several. [strained smile]

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