A Story A Day: Month Eight

For this month, I chose stories from Missouri Review’s selected prose. As with the previous seven months, I have no idea what these stories are about – the goal is simply to experience new writing. Feel free to read along!

  1. Way Back, Well Before My Divorce” by Adam Prince
  2. Manifold Northeast Life & Trust” by Cat Powell
  3. Heart-Scalded” by Daphne Kalotay
  4. Keeping” by Thomas Dodson
  5. Bewilderness” by Karen Tucker
  6. If You’re So Smart” by Tim Loc
  7. Triumph” by Sahar Mustafah
  8. Wait for Me” by Katey Schultz
  9. A Cruel Gap-Toothed Boy” by Matthew Baker
  10. Chrome Thief” by Terrance Manning Jr.
  11. Treading Water” by Dionne Irving
  12. Café Misfit” by Dave Zoby
  13. The blood was the mountain and the mountain was the bear” by Rachel Yoder
  14. Exit Seekers” by Tamara Titus  
  15. Helpline” by John Hale
  16. Rachel’s Wedding” by Rose Smith
  17. Ronaldo” by Andrew D. Cohen
  18. The Wall” by Emma Törza
  19. The City of the Dead” by Jennifer Dubois
  20. Unintended” by Yuko Sakata
  21. Swarf” by Tyler Keevil
  22. Serpentine” by Ember Johnson
  23. Ordinary Time” by Carolyn Ogburn
  24. Salt Land” by Amanda Baldeneaux
  25. Relatable Influence” by Bradley Bazzle
  26. Awakening to Jake” by Jillian Weiss
  27. Deadwood Soldiers Take a Cruise!” by Jonny Diamond
  28. Joy” by John J. Clayton
  29. A Shapeless Thief” by Marin Sardy
  30. Afternoon with a Corpse” by Gulchin A. Ergun
  31. Book of the Generations” by Kelli Jo Ford


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