Slow Mornings

I’m sure I’ve written somewhere about the joy of slow mornings that I’ve been experiencing the last couple years. How I actually eat breakfast. Every day. How I drink coffee every morning now, too. (Though that was still generally done while working.) I didn’t used to take time in the morning for such things – I’ve always been a “hit the snooze until I absolutely MUST get up and then just gogogo” type of person. But, it turns out, I don’t need to be that sort of person. (I still sometimes, usually, almost always eat lunch at my desk… I should work on that next…)

Another new addition to my mornings is the #365Stories challenge I’ve set for myself this year – to read #AStoryADay. This has become my coffee time, and I can tell you – my morning coffee has never tasted so good.

My goal was to encounter stories I might not have otherwise – to read things that I know nothing about – to be surprised. And so far, it’s been such a lovely experience. I have my breakfast. Then I roll up to my desk with my coffee and click on to the next story.

(Truth be told, I’ve wanted to do the 52 book challenge that so many of my friends post about on Facebook and such every year – but I also know that once the semester gets rolling, there are some weeks where a book is just not feasible. This feels much more manageable, for sure. But still – *fingers crossed*.)

There will be a post at the start of every month with the list of stories I plan to read (with links – you can find January’s here). There will also be links posted every day via twitter (@Ami_Maxine). Please feel free to read along! (I also have five more months to schedule – so please let me know if you have any stories you think I should read!)

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