I Signed It

It has been twenty-four days since the email wanting to offer me a contract to publish All Falling Things arrived in my email inbox.

It’s been one day since I signed this contract. It’s official – my manuscript is one giant step closer to being published.

After many emails back and forth with the editor-in-chief, after asking questions through an author support page on Facebook, after learning about and then applying to the Authors Guild, after many conversations with a few of my friends, after several FaceTime sessions with Jack, after twenty-three days of debating and consulting – I signed it. Jack and I were FaceTiming when I initialed each page and then signed (electronically – which felt anticlimactic). And after all that, I felt – numb. It’s still sinking in, I think, but All Fallings Things is officially “forthcoming”.

24 days can be converted to these units:

  • 2,073,600 seconds 
  • 34,560 minutes 
  • 576 hours 
  • 24 days 
  • 3 weeks and 3 days
  • 6.56% of 2020

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