The End. Sorta.

I am a bundle of emotions at the moment. I started Alice’s journey 753 days ago. And today, I got to type “The End.” 753+ days of thinking about and writing about and talking about these characters as though they were living breathing people. And just like that – “The End.” It feels physically anticlimactic – surely there should be fireworks… (soundless ones since my youngest cat is frightened of the noise).

I’ve been writing since I was a kid – I’ve always loved reading and making up stories and writing them down. But before this day, I had never completed a novel. I have written hundreds of poems and dozens short stories – but never a novel. Never something this… BIG. But I did it. Is this what marathon runners feel like after their first race?

I’ve done chunks of revising and editing as I’ve gone along – but now it’s time to pull out the official red pen and go start to finish. Wish me luck.

“After Stanley typed ‘The End,’ he sank back into his chair and smiled. It didn’t matter what happened next – Stanley had accomplished what he set out to do. And he was ready to do it all again” (333).

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