Casting Change: Lucas

I’ve decided to make a significant change to Lucas. I’ve been toying with the idea of him being a wheelchair user for some time now. I considered many different paths that would land him there before ultimately deciding that this would just be his life. I don’t want his story to become “inspiration porn.” I didn’t want this to be something he had to overcome. It just is. Like Kya’s sexuality, Lucas’s wheelchair use is treated simply as a matter-of-fact by everyone, including the narrators. (Well, aside from one creepy ass hole artist that has a show at the gallery – but I needed that guy to be yet another degree of gross.)

It’s going to be hard to see anyone but Paul Rudd as I write – it’s been a little over a year, after all. But it is my wish that if there is ever a visual representation of this story, this role will go to an actor who is a wheelchair user in real life.

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