Casting: Part Two

I’ve got a few more of my characters cast. This has been a really fun experience – something I think I will carry on for other things that I write. šŸ™‚

This is Cat. Also known as Cote de Pablo from NCIS. She is Stanley’s long-time best friend. She is Italian and sassy and fiercely herself. I’d want her to be my friend, but she’s scares me a little. [strained smile]

This is Kya. Also known as Michaela Conlin from Bones. She will become Alice’s best friend in Chicago. She is the opposite of Cat in many ways – though both are loyal friends.

Lucas. Also known as Paul Rudd. [pause for dreamy sigh here] I’ve been a fan of him ever since Clueless. This is my type of leading man – a little bit goofy with soulful eyes. In the world I’ve created, he’ll be an artist. I mean…any excuse to day dream about Paul Rudd, amiright?

All pics linked from IMDb.

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