Wherever Would I Be

Wherever Would I Be is my second novel. This is a story about family and identity – about a young woman who loves the family she has, and who at the same time can’t help but wonder about the family she lost. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she stumbles upon an imprint of what turns out to be her ancestor. She makes the choice to follow this thread – and she is sent down a path that will lead her to everything she has ever wanted to know about her birth family – and some things she didn’t.


Like my first book, this story takes place (mostly) in Chicago, though Lucy also has some adventures to both New York City and North Carolina. The second largest chunk of the story takes place in Scotland. Unlike her siblings, Lucy doesn’t know anything about her birth family, and after stumbling onto the end of her ancestral thread, she follows it across the ocean to learn about where her ancestors came from.

Loch Shiel, Scotland – Ami Maxine Irmen
Chicago, IL – Ami Maxine Irmen
Fairy Flag of Dunvegan Castle

A few years ago, I visited Dunvegan Castle in Scotland. I was on a road trip with my best friend – whose ancestors descend from this castle. While there, we learned about the fairy flag of Dunvegan – which plays a (magical) part in Lucy’s story. These days, there is not much left of the flag – but what there is, you can see on display in the castle.

Lucy is adopted by two loving parents. She is only one at the time, and the first child to join their family. Lucy ends up with four more siblings, and she adores her big family.

Learn more about the writing of this novel through the Wherever Would I Be tag from my blog.

You order Wherever Would I Be from B&N (HC/PB/E), BookShop (PB), or Amazon (PB/E). Please shop local when you can – just ask your favorite bookshop to order a copy!

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