College Committees & Involvement

Kishwaukee College Committees

Art Gallery Committee

  • Aug 2012-Present. Reviews and recommends shows for the Kishwaukee College Art Gallery.

Institutional Affairs: Diversity Committee

  • Aug 2012-Present. Increases awareness of the diversity of ethnic, racial, cultural, religious, and sexual orientations of students on campus, provides support for diverse student groups needing assistance, problem-solves campus issues that involve diverse student and employee groups, and works with existing college staff and community partners to increase the diversity of staff employed and retained at the College.

Academic Affairs: Developmental Education Committee

  • Aug 2011-May 2016 (Committee disbanded). Interim Chair, Spring 2012. Undertook a review of developmental education at Kishwaukee College. Review included an examination of historical data and instructional methods. End goal included a formalization of specific actions to be implemented.

Honors Program Committee

  • Jan 2011-Present. Worked to create a college wide honors program at Kishwaukee College.  Participates on committee to review and coordinate proposals for honors courses, manage and approve applications for Excellence in Honors Award, and maintain and revise, as needed, Honors Program policies.

Committee on Gender and Sexuality Diversity (GSD)

  • Aug 2010-Present. Chair, May 2012 – Present. Works to educate the campus community about concerns and history related to the GSD community. Coordinates LGBT Awareness Month committee and activities.

Kishwaukee College Involvement/Projects

Trans*/Nonbinary 101 and Trans*/Nonbinary 201 Training

  • Aug 2016-Present. Created, implemented, and lead two levels of training to aid in the education of faculty, staff, and students about trans* identity, issues, and current events. 

Spectrum Club Co-Advisor

  • Aug 2012-May 2016. Fosters an active and diverse culture at Kishwaukee College and in the community. Provides opportunities for students to build friends and encourage open-mindedness and diversity within the College community of LGBTQA people and their friends.

Safe Zone Ally Training

  • Aug 2010-Present. Created, implemented, and lead a face-to-face Safe Zone Ally Training to aid in the education of faculty, staff, and students about LGBTA issues and current events. Also revised and updated the Ally Safe Zone Training Program Manual.

Mentoring Program

  • Aug 2010-Present. Provide support and community to new adjunct instructors as they learn about the student population and procedures at Kishwaukee College.

photo by ami maxine irmen, egg harbor, wi

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